Monday, 4 October 2021

Review of Pretty Boy Detective Club

 The Storyline sounded kind of dumb, I’m not going to lie. Although after the first few episodes I kind of ate my own words. I was more hooked into this show then other shows that I thought was going to be AMAZING. I liked the concept that every few eps were a new “Arc” “main plot” but still throughout there was a major plot going on. They managed to balance the genres of “Comedy” and “Mystery” in a balanced way so that it wasn’t boring or had funny moments in awkward places unless it was needed. The concept about the main characters certain unique trait is well done and honestly, I wished I had it. Although I am glad that although sometimes you may have something that you excel in, you may have some things you lack, or it may lead to something going wrong. The pacing for most of the time was good but I found some arcs could have been shortened, while others extended.

The Animation is what drew me in to begin with, not the description. With brightly coloured animation it was hard not to look away. I never saw any issues with the Animation at all and I think I would have noticed if it had been something drastic. The Sound for this Anime was good, and I found the VA’s did an excellent job portraying their characters. The opening is one of the catchiest songs I listed to that season. The different ending songs sang by the VA’s were all sweet and nice but nothing very memorable.

The Characters I think was the other thing that got me to pay attention to this Anime. With all the characters looking and acting all unique.  Although I liked all the characters in this Anime, I can’t really talk about everyone, but I can talk about a couple. Mayumi is the main female protagonist where most the attention is focused on. She has the most beautiful eyes and purple hair. I love her personality and the way she tries to do stuff on her own but can also accept help. Manabu is the main male protagonist and I also never clicked until it was revealed. He is a child, not even a teenager and he act like an adult. I am assuming the way to look at is, he has a body of a child, the age of a child but a mind of an adult. Oh, how I wish I could be a child still. He is funny and I do like his look on things and how he puts certain things in perspective.

Overall, my opinion on this Anime is “Never judge a book by its cover” …I swear I said this to a previous Anime review…When will I learn. I loved this show and although it wasn’t perfect it was still very much enjoyable. If you loved Ouran High School Host Club and Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! then you will enjoy this ride. 


Monday, 20 September 2021

Battle Game in 5 Seconds - Episode 2 - What on earth is this... (Part 2) {SPOILERS}


So episode 2 is going to change POV for a the majority of the episode. It's time to be introduced to the female main character. Her name is "Yuuri" and quite frankly she has a rubbish home life, apart from the fact she has friends. She also wants to go back to being home due to the fact she wants to protect and help a girl who has although not mentioned out right been physically abused by her father. I could be wrong to interpret that way but from the look of "Yuuri's" face, I am right. She also suddenly got a stalker after she helped the guy by giving him a tissue and then suddenly that's the guy that causes her to die and end up in this situation. I call LIES on this whole random process. After seeing a couple of flashbacks we see her in the present finding out her ability and testing it. SUPER STRENGH...well in more detail it's "Quintuple her normal strength". 

Moving onto the second part of the episode. The 1v1 battle time. Call it cliché but really. She has to verse a perverted, disgusting killer, who even TAKES his pants off to basically you know.... ruin her in all ways you can think of. His ability is something to with smelling emotions or something along those lines...not quite sure and to be honest (I don't care). He was VILE and although I call it cliché; at least with her ability she MESSED him up and made him pay for everything bad he has done. DING DING DING. She won her 1v1. I emotionally care about her but at the same time, she's not as interesting as "Akria"...not yet. 

Onto the last part of this episode. "Akira" gets told to go to a different room to find 4 other people there, including "Yuuri" and the guy he defeated in the 1v1. So does that mean you don't get "Punished" until all rounds are completed or rather than it going by who wins, it goes by how well you do. I can't wait to find out more. Round 2 will start next episode and it's going to be a 5v5 battle. Although not a rubbish episode, it wasn't as good as last week and I hope this improves or else I may end up dropping this and I really wanted to go all the way. 

Episode 2 Rating:  3.5/5 Stars

Monday, 13 September 2021

Review of Given

The Storyline I knew was going to have themes of BL (Boys Love) along with Music; but I never imagine it would grab me and not let me go until I felt so many different emotions for different reasons. I knew going in it was going to have some dark, adult themes due to the tag of “noitaminA”. Look up the tag and you will understand. I did enjoy this plot, it managed to have deep and dark issues which is realistic but then it also had its happy moments too. The happy moments really did help balance the emotional pain you start to feel during this whole ride. There were no issues with the pacing as I never felt for once it was going too slow or too fast.

I don’t think I really noticed any issues with the Animation but then I also never saw anything too impressive. I think the only times I found myself paying attention to the Animation was when it’s focused on the instruments and when they are playing on stage. This show wasn’t about the animation so in my head; it did what it needed to do. The Sound was always going to be an important element in this Anime due to the Music genre. The drums, guitars etc all sound wonderful and in tune. The singing in this show is also beautiful and for some reason I feel the rawness in the singing. The feelings I experience when listening to the lyrics of a certain song is certainly something. The opening song is amazing and at first, I didn’t know the translation, so I was just going with how it made me feel and my own interpretation but then after a while I found out the English translation of the song lyrics and it made me love it even more. I love when the opening songs relate to the show and it’s not just some random song for an Anime. I also felt the ending song was pretty and emotional, especially after seeing the English translation.

The Characters were all unique but of course have one thing in common: Music. Ritsuka Uenoyama when first introduced is just an average guy, who likes Music but has lost passion in all the things he used to love. At first, I wasn’t really connecting with him but with time and progression as a character I started to connect and love him as a character. Mafuyu Sato although as with Uenoyama I didn’t relate to at first, I did love him from the moment he entered the scene. I think it was because there was a sad/mysterious backstory to him that made me want to know everything and I enjoyed his presence. Akihiko and Haruki were the other two main characters that was introduced to us. Although they were “Secondary” characters, they were just as important and enjoyable as the other two. They were likeable, unique, and very interesting. There weren’t really any characters that I hated but there was some that I found annoying. There was one girl I wasn’t impressed with when she took something too far; not going to spoil it but you will know what I mean if you watch it.

Overall, I adored this show and enjoyed the ride. The drama side to this show was what surprised me, but it was certainly a good surprise. There is also a movie out, though while watching this I didn’t know. The movie is centred more on the two main secondary characters. I feel if you enjoyed shows like Anonymous Noise or Junjou Romantica; you will most likely enjoy this one. 


Monday, 30 August 2021

Battle Game in 5 Seconds - Episode 1 - What on earth is this... {SPOILERS}

I wasn't going to start watching anymore "Summer" Anime but then something called me to this Anime; not sure why and after this one episode...still not sure why. 

I will praise it on the fact not once in this first episode was I bored or losing interest. I was pulled into this crazy story and I wouldn't know how to leave even if I tried. 


So you have this guy named "Akira" who is a gamer and very analytical and he's currently walking to school while playing "Tetris" on his phone with girls behind him talking about how he's a weirdo. Don't worry, the girls didn't hurt his feelings as he speaks in his mind that he agrees with that statement. Suddenly this random big dude jumps out of a van and just RUNS AT HIM; attacking him etc. "Akira" then steals a bike and rides off. With his quick thinking he manages to find an isolated building which is falling apart as it was in the middle of being demolished. HOW LUCKY WAS HE that a building was just there... ready for him...ready for his quick thinking. He uses his brains to defeat the enemy but then ends up being killed buy a strange, interesting "girl" named "Mion". At this point I am confused and just lost for words for what I just witnessed. 

Moving onto the second part of the episode. More people like "Akira" also got attacked/killed and now there is a huge group of them. They have been killed, therefore they currently don't exist, therefore they don't have any rights etc. They get told by that "Mion" character that they all have a unique gift/power and they are basically test subjects. They also have handcuffs on them which stops them using their power unless it's unlocked. I do like the premise of the handcuffs and I do like how this whole situation is explained but WHAT THE HELL!!!!. 

Onto the last part of this episode. Onto one v one fights and I do love these fights. The fight is now over. HONESTLY couldn't they have not made this fight last just a little longer. It was "Akira" and anther dude who I don't know the name of. He has a power that makes his woods stick into a sword and at this point we didn't know "Akira's". At first it really looked like the main character was going to lose but nope. He wins. His power is "Whatever your opponent thinks your ability is". Make sense of it if you can. To make it simple. He has to make someone believe a power is his power then it will become his power. In this case; he made his opponent think about someone else's ability and made it out that it was also his and then it suddenly was his and he used it to win. I REALY LOVE THIS. I don't recall a time I have seen this before in an Anime. FOR THIS and only this does it mean I will be sticking around for a journey I never thought I was going to go on. 

Episode 1 Rating:  4/5 Stars

Monday, 23 August 2021

Review of Tower of God

The Storyline got me hooked instantly and although at time it could be slightly confusing; the next episode would then explain what I was previously confused about. The pacing was amazing, and I never thought at anytime that it was being rushed. The way they did the layout in the final episode was unique and amazingly done. I watched this two times; one in subbed and one in English dubbed so I guess that goes to show just how much I liked this show.

The Animation although at first, I found to be very weird and strange; in time I grew to enjoy it and love it and to see it as a unique element to the whole show. The fighting with said Animation was done really well and I honestly am glad they chose to do such a unique Animation. The Sound being that I watched this in both the original and English dubbed I must say both impressed me. I loved the whole cast of the original voice actors, but I will give credit to the English voice actors where credit is due. They did such a great job at portraying the characters. The opening and ending songs were sung by “Stray Kids” and I loved the songs so much. I also loved how they sung it in English for the English dubbed. I was constantly playing the opening song over and over again.

The Characters were all unique and I found myself liking more and more of them as the episodes went on. While I was starting to like more and more, I was also starting to hate others more and more. I am sure you know the main target of my hatred if you have seen this show already. Pacifist Bam is the main male character in this show. I call him that name for a reason. He really will do anything in his power to prevent violence from occurring if the issue can be resolved in a friendly, non-violent way. Which is basically the opposite of EVERYTHING this show is about. He is strong and he can fight. I love him because of this trait. He isn’t too weak that he needs help, and he doesn’t show off his strengths in a show-off way either. Khun is the other main male character introduced to this story. His analytical skills are above the rest, and he doesn’t do too bad in a fight. You get to know a lot about him in just a short amount of time and I really do like him as a character. I do love both Bam and Khun but I feel sometimes Khun just edges that little bit closer to being better. I do want to quickly say that I also loved Rak for his comedy and also Lauroe for being the biggest sleepyhead known to man and basically being me.

Overall I really loved this show and even though I did get confused at times, I didn’t let that ruin my experience. I really really want a second season but whether we will or not is in the hands of Crunchyroll. If you loved Hunter x Hunter or Bleach then I really think you would enjoy this show.


Monday, 2 August 2021

Review of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard

The Storyline is a mixture of being unique and not being unique. The unique part being the title of the show… Mainly the word “Jeweler” but the other main element is the bond between the characters and what they go through as a whole. If you said to me a while back that I would be watching something which is to do with “Jewels”, I would not believe you. The pacing of this show was perfect, and I never once thought it was being rushed or too slow. When they wanted me to be emotional and feel a certain way, I would be feeling it. This was an almost perfect Anime.

The Animation was done well, and the jewels were Animated in a way that made them look so realistic and pretty. The Sound, aka the opening song was very fitting and nice, but it was the ending song that stole my heart. It was magical and just simply perfect for the show. The feelings that I was already feeling due to the episode was elevated by the ending song.

The many Characters that were introduced in this show was mainly all loveable bar a few and they were all written well. I only want to go into detail about the two main characters as their journey together and separate was the important part of the whole show. Seigi is introduced as being a hero; always wanting to help people out when they are being treat wrongly or in danger. I knew in that moment that could be a fault in the future. I loved how kind he is, and I loved how he is willing to do anything and everything to help people. Richard was introduced as a stoic man with an analytical approach to things. He has a way with words and although he does not wear his emotions on his sleeve, you can still tell when he is feeling a certain way. The differences in both their personalities may in most scenarios mean they have nothing in common and nothing to bond over but throughout the whole series they do end up bonding and it creates a magical relationship. Whether you see them as a couple or just as best friend. This is one relationship that is built on a strong foundation.

Overall I really loved this show, and it really does go to show. Don’t judge a book by its cover…well in my case don’t judge the title by its…title? I really enjoyed the fact it went from 0 to 100 and I loved every moment. The ending of the show was good, but I would love to see a second season. Though if it never happens. I'll survive. If you loved Given or Yuri!!! on Ice then you will most likely enjoy this show.

Monday, 19 July 2021

Review of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

The Storyline at first glance just seems like an average Shounen show about someone fighting for someone or something important. I was right with the fact it’s about someone fighting for someone but the way it’s shown and portrayed has elements of being unique. This show managed to drag me into a plot that I never knew I needed but so grateful for it. The pacing wasn’t too slow or too fast and I never thought it was boring or dragging. The action in this show was top tier and even when the episodes weren’t centred on the fighting/action it was instead used to develop the story, characters and have moments of comedy.

The Animation was top tier, but I wouldn’t expect anything less when it comes to studio “ufotable”. From the fighting, the elements when attacking and the opening sequence the Animation quality never wavered. It’s very rare I would be in awe and stunned by the amazing quality. The overall Sound quality was fantastic in many cases. The voice actors did an amazing job portraying their roles, especially in the most intense scenes. The sounds they used when fighting was epic, especially when the elements are used, e.g., Water from the main character. Even though this was a two season Anime it only had one opening and one ending but quite frankly I was really happy with that decision. Especially as the songs were sung by LiSA. She really does have an epic voice and it was perfect for Demon Slayer.

The Characters were all remarkably diverse and different but of course I do have my favourites. Tanjirou the main male character is such a sweet guy, and I really couldn’t help but be on his side through thick and thin. I find that with a lot of Shounen Anime the main character is portrayed in a dumb, foolish, and out their kind of guy. This was different in this show. He was out-going, caring and not annoying. He is respectful to everything and tries to show kindness to everyone even if they didn’t deserve it at times. Nezuko is his sister and I just love her. She is pretty, cute, and amazing and I love her bond with her brother. The cute little clips of when she’s smaller and being all adorable is enough to melt my heart. You know how I said that the main character wasn’t annoying etc. They left that in the form of Zenitsu & Inosuke. Do not get me wrong; I love these two characters but now and then they can really get on my nerve for different reasons. They also made me laugh at times, so I guess that’s a give and take kind of situation. I think I need more developments on these two characters. There were many more characters in this show that I liked but I need more screen time if I am to write more about them.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show and it had me hooked right from the start to finish. The epic soundtrack to the remarkable animation quality and the emotions packed into each episode; this Anime is one of my all-time favourites. As of writing this review, a movie is out and a season two is on the way soon. If you enjoyed Anime like: My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Jujutsu Kaisen or if you just want a good solid action/drama Anime, then this Anime is for you.