Tuesday 3 May 2022

Review of Black Clover

The Storyline does at first sound like any other Shounen show which has Magic, Rivalry and Never giving up but I will say it does have some unique elements. This show is amazing at showing growth in a fast or slow-paced depending on the situation. Only in the first few episodes am I shown that people aren’t strong just out of “I have magic, so I am strong”. Even with the magic they must learn to harness it and adapt to it. Nearly every character bar few have their downfalls, or I guess another way of putting it, a weakness. The thing is this show then SHOWS how they train and get over each hurdle that gets in their way. An example without spoiling is Noelle who can’t fly due to circumstances, but she doesn’t just give up and let it be; she perseveres. The fighting scenes are good, and the emotional scenes are for the most part decent.

The Animation at times could be a total mess but at other times it could be MAGICAL and amazing. In normal situations when they are standing around or doing minimal things the Animation is just like in any other Anime; nothing too amazing and it doesn’t affect my viewing of the Anime. When fight scenes occur you expect a certain quality and at times it was met but then at other times it would be REALLY bad, to the point I am disappointed. Luckily it was good more than bad. The Sound element is a story. I don’t like hating on people but to begin with the “VA” for Asta was the most annoying voice ever. I will though give credit where it’s due; I feel not only did I just get used to it but I think the “VA” improved massively. There was 13 openings and 13 endings, and I only hated a few songs all together. Many of the songs were fitting and catchy and then a few I adored. My 3 favourite openings were opening 3 & 10 “Black Rover” & “Black Catcher” respectively by “Vickeblanka” and opening 12 “Eien ni Hikare (永遠に光れ)” by “TOMORROW X TOGETHER”. My 3 favourite endings were ending 4 “four” by “Faky”, ending 10 “New Page” by “INTERSECTION” and ending 13 “Beautiful” by “TREASURE”.

The Characters were all unique. Asta is one of the main characters and off the bat we see he is different to everyone else. That being that while everyone else can use magic to some degree, he just can’t. No matter how much he trains and tries; but do you want to know what, he never gives up. Yuno is another main character and is the total opposite to Asta. He is blessed with a massive amount of magic and can do it with ease. Although I say opposite, I do have to say he also works hard to get to where he is. Their personalities are also opposites and at times both can be entertaining but also both can be annoying. The last main character is Noelle; born into royalty but unable to control her power. She is also someone with great amount of magic just like Yuno but is unable to control it as well. Just like the two main guys, she doesn’t give up but instead she trains and doesn’t let anything or anyone stop her. Even her own family see her as weak but with the help of friends she wants to prove them wrong. Other characters in this show that I love were Yami, Finral and Nero.

Overall this show had moments where I really wasn’t into it but then the moments that did deliver managed to outshine and make me forget about the weaker parts. From the fighting to the powerful speeches. This Anime was amazing, and I can’t wait for the Movie and then hopefully we will get a season two. If you like Bleach or Fairy Tail then you will most likely like this.



Sunday 13 February 2022

Fall 2021 Anime...

I went into the last season of this year "Fall" with hope of finding new gems. Did I find that gem that I was looking for...lets see.


Anime that disappointed me...

takt op.Destiny  (A high note that went flat at times...)
I've never been so impressed with a trailer than I did with this one. I went into this hoping that it would be the perfect Anime but unfortunately certain things just dragged it down. The fighting scenes were done really well and the Animation was superb. The pacing was one of the issues I had an issue with. At times I felt it was slow when I wished it were faster but then you would have near the end feel like it was rushing when it should have took it's time. I understand that some Anime like to put the story in an non-chronological order, but sometimes it's really unnecessary and confusing. This show could have just survived with it being in a chronological order. I didn't connect to the majority of the characters in this show; I felt like it was difficult too. The MUSIC was one of the saving graces of this show. The opening song was AMAZING and the ending song sweet and lovely. The background music was also very fitting and helped with developing the fighting scenes. The ending of this show was something that I didn't quite enjoy but I do know the reason for it was this Anime was a "Prologue" of sort to the game that's "came" or "coming" out. Was it a rubbish Anime; no. It was decent but not what I was hoping and expecting. If miraculously a 2nd season ever did appear (which I doubt) I would watch it but I wouldn't expect anything more than this season.

My Rating: 4/5 Stars 
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 3.8/5 Stars


Other Anime that wasn't as good as I had hoped it to be:
I really wanted to rate this 4 1/2 or 5 but it failed to deliver what I wanted the most. Confusing at times and I wanted more...you know...love.
I rated this 4 1/2 but it was close to being 4 Stars and only just scraped by. There was moments in the show that felt stupid and weird. Although I understood the ending, it did feel a little cliché.


Moving onto the Anime that stole me away and dragged me into their world. 

Visual Prison (An underrated and under watched Anime...)
I have watched plenty of Vampire Anime. Literally just last season, I rated a Vampire Anime highly, but this one is unique. Music and Love makes this a hidden gem in my eyes. Before I go into why I loved it so much, I will admit I think this show is under watched and underrated. I love an Anime show that has unique rules or ideas when it comes to Vampire's. The unique thing in this show is a spoiler of sort, so unfortunately for you to find out; you will have to watch it. The pacing of this show was amazing and I never once thought it was being rushed or slow. I never once felt confused while watching it and via flashbacks and conversations; I learnt things as I was meant to learn them and wasn't left in the dark unnecessary. The songs sung by the cast were all amazing and written amazingly but I have to say; the music sung by "OZ" was a little more to my liking. My favourite characters have to be Ange Guiltia and it's just because they were main characters. Ange's character development was great to see and Guiltia was a massive part of it. I will say, the other two members of the band were also likeable. The opening song was sung by "OZ" which I loved and then the 1st ending sung by "Lost Eden" was good but not something I would listen to outside of the Anime and then the other ED song which we got from the other band "ECLIPSE" was better than the original ending but we only got it once. Overall I really adored this Anime and it had a fitting ending. I would watch it if there was a second season but I really don't think it's needed.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 3.4/5 Stars

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Part II (An Anime sequel doing it's "job" well...)
I watched the first season and second season back to back, only difference being I watched Season one in English dubbed and the second season English subbed; mainly because I was too inpatient to wait for the dubbed. The first season was something I never thought I would enjoy but ended up loving it. This season continued the amazing storyline and the pace was perfect. The subjects and situations that happens in this season and the last season can be at times be emotional and dark. It really does make you question who's right or who's wrong. There were many characters in this show that I adored but the one that I did love the most was Ruijerd. I think the reason for this was how kind natured he was even if he was ruthless at times. I know he's had it hard and all that but sometimes I really despised Paul. The opening song is played while the story is told, via scenes and sceneries just like the first season and I really like how unique that is compared to having an opening sequence like any other Anime. Overall I really adored this show; and it made me go on an "Isekai" spree. Cheers. I hope more seasons are in the works as this world and characters have a lot more to give.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 4.4/5 Stars
First Season Rating: 5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 4.2/5 Stars

Other Anime that was amazing and was just as good or even better than I had hoped:
If it wasn't for the fact I finished the above Isekai, I would probably have this up there, talking about how AMAZING this was. Trust me when I say. this Isekai was REMARKABLE. Almost hit 5 stars. 
• Blue Period.  – 4 1/2 Stars
I went into watching this, as I heard so many good things about the Manga but holy hell did I think I would dive head first into this show. The emotions and character growths in this show has to be on one of the bests in a long time for Anime. 

Thank you for reading and I can't wait to put out more posts.

P.S. Sorry this post is late 

Saturday 29 January 2022

Review of Sk∞

The Storyline is about Skateboarding, and I have never been into skateboarding. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it, but I haven’t really been too into it. Well, I wasn’t till I watched this. Not only was this show focused on the sport side to it, but it was also about relationships and had plenty of drama. The drama in this show was intense at times; it helped that it was written really well as I felt the emotions I needed to feel. I cried at times and then I laughed at times. The pacing was done remarkably well, and I was hooked into the plot/storyline so quickly.

The Animation is colourful, bright, and amazing. The animation while skating was done so well, I was invested into the sport more because of how good It looked. The Sound was top tier in all aspects. The background music was epic and fitting. The opening song was catchy and addicting. The ending song was catchy and became a meme all on its own. The voice actors were remarkable, and I also checked out some scenes in dubbed; so different yet amazingly good.

The Characters were all unique and weird; and I mean the good type; in most cases bar one. Reki is one of the main characters. He has an awesome personality and I really related to him in many ways. One of the ways I related to him was when he sees others do better than him and he suddenly felt like he isn’t good enough. There’s been many times in my life where I was proud of something I can do or have done and then have people do better than me, so then I feel like what I did isn’t good enough anymore. Langa is the other main character, and he was just a fresh of breath air. He is amazing and he learns things quickly. His trust in Reki right from the start was what made me like him. I will point out that I do prefer Reki but only by a bit. The relationship between the two main characters was one of the main elements in this show, and no matter how you view this relationship as; it was a strong, real, and pure. The other characters who I did enjoy was Miya and Shadow. Miya because it helped with developing the main characters and Shadow because he’s funny.

Overall I loved this show with all my heart and I really hope that the news of “more” SK8 content is either a Second season or a movie…or maybe we can be lucky and have both. If you are fans of Haikyuu!! and Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club then this Anime is for you. 


Sunday 31 October 2021

Summer 2021 Anime...


I went into the summer looking forward to finishing some Anime and enjoying a new dose of Anime.

Anime that disappointed me...

Peach Boy Riverside (When a director tries something but it falls flat...)
I was aware that Episode 1 wasn't going to be technically episode 1 and I was kind of prepared for it, but in the end it was just CONFUSING. All the episodes were all in the wrong order, I was always confused on what has happened or what is to happen. Forget the plot, the storyline and even the characters. If I can't FOLLOW it, I won't be hooked. Now I can talk about everything else. The plot is mediocre at best and although there was bits and pieces I felt unique, the majority of it was similar to other Anime that I have watched or at least know of. I did however enjoy some characters and also hated others. I don't like the main two characters. It's something I don't tend to say much. I am normally someone who enjoys the MC's but in this case; I just can't. I can probably say that my favourite characters are Frau (because who doesn't love bunnies) and Winnie (although she wasn't in it that much, she at least was entertaining). The opening and ending songs were good but not anything I would listen to outside of the Anime. Overall, it was an entertaining show, especially in fights but the fact remains that I was CONFUSED for the majority of the Anime.

My Rating: 3/5 Stars 
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 3.4/5 Stars

RE-MAIN  (An Anime I won't REmember for the sport...)
This wasn't a bad Anime; don't get me wrong, but I already took off a star for the lack of the sport it's meant to portray. The Amnesia/Drama side to it was the main element in it, but I was expecting a more 50/50 at least. I enjoyed this show, but I wouldn't say it was something that was my highlight of the week. The storyline is unique; I'll agree to that. The pacing was done really well for the most part, though some episodes did feel like they dragged and could have been cut in half. I felt so sorry for the main character, imagine having something you worked hard for, suddenly get taking away from you. The reason I don't like this character is because his attitude stinks. The animation is amazing and I really wished we saw more water action for that reason. The opening song was catchy and the ending song was pretty and fitting for the feeling we were feeling at certain episodes. Overall I really did have this Anime way too high on my expectations and that's probably why I feel so disappointed but I am glad I watched this because if anything; I did learn a lesson. Set yourself goals and even if you don't "Win" at a certain thing, if you reached your goal, you did something. Then set a new goal. Keep reaching for a goal at a time. 

My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 3.8/5 Stars


Other Anime that wasn't as good as I had hoped it to be:
Tokyo Revengers – 4 Stars
I really wanted to rate this 4 1/2 or 5 but it failed to deliver in some situations.
IDOLiSH7: Third BEAT! - 4 Stars
I rated last season the same rating. Drama still high and singing still low. They sing really well; when they get to sing.
I never thought it could get worse than last season, until it did. Also - Naruto/Sasuke vibes...Just why?


Moving onto the Anime that stole me away and dragged me into their world. 

The Case Study of Vanitas (when vampire meets steampunk-ness France)
I have watched plenty of Vampire Anime. I got to the point where I thought; is there going to be one that does something different, something to impress me. This definitely impressed me; with the differences in the lore, how its portrayed and the unique element of having the Vampire Parallel World... not sure how else to say it. Basically it's a different version of the "normal" world; where vampires is the norm. Also vampires don't burn, sparkle or get weak in the sunlight (Hurray). There was only one weak episode (Episode 7) that I felt nothing happened and it was kind of a stupid episode to keep the series going. The fact comedy isn't a tag; is criminal. I laughed more that I should have I think; maybe. The pacing of this series was really good and the storytelling was even better. The opening song was catchy but I wouldn't listen to it outside of the Anime. The ending song is a different matter; counting down the days for the full version to be released was something I did regularly. The song is emotionally and beautifully written and sung and the fact you can listen to it in either English or Japanese is just PHENEMOMAL. I prefer the English version; but please listen to both. The main two characters have personalities that at times I despise but then at other times; I ADORE. Their bond that slowly started  growing and growing is something I am enjoying but you know... something is going to go very wrong. Overall this steampunk, drama ridden show was amazing and almost perfect in every way. Roll on the 2nd half of this series. 

My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 4.1/5 Stars

My Hero Academia 5  (My Villain Academia was actually the highlight of the whole season)
I will never hate this franchise but I have to say if it wasn't for the "Villain" arc it would have been rated 4 Stars. I really enjoyed the Class A vs Class B section of the season; it was entertaining to see how far they have progressed and what they have to improve on. It was also really good too see the other class in action as we rarely see them. The next couple of sections/ARC's of the season was okay, but nothing spectacular. The last section/ARC was for the Villains and oh boy did I surprise myself by enjoying it. To see things from the "bad guys" perspective was quite intriguing. The fighting in this show is always great and the animation to go with it is good enough to keep me enjoying it. The two opening songs were catchy and perfect for the show and I couldn't help but sing "OOOH HEY BROTHER!!!". The first ending song was really good too and I did like the second ending but not as much as the first. Deku likes to keep us on our toes doesn't he. At least for me; I can't not love him. Even when something new happens to him and he has to learn once again; he does it quickly and he always tries to get along with everyone and be kind to everyone. I have to say that the person in the first ARC that impressed me the most was Uravity. That moment in the fight; I don't want to spoil but, watch it and you know what I mean. That moment makes her best girl for sure. Overall I did enjoy this show but I felt it had less stand out moment than the previous seasons but I am 100% hyped for the next season. 

My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 4.2/5 Stars
Fourth Season Rating: 5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 4.3/5 Stars
Third Season Rating: 5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 4.4/5 Stars
Second Season Rating: 5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 4.4/5 Stars
First Season Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Anime Planet AVG Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

Other Anime that was amazing and was just as good or even better than I had hoped:
I grew up watching my sister play it, for once I got to just sit back with her and watch it. Childhood memories are fun.
Digimon Adventure: 2020 – 4 Stars
Not going to lie but I thought I was going to end up hating this or thinking it was too childish but in the end I fell in love and shed some tears along the way.
Night Head 2041  – 3 ½ Stars 
Don't let CG Animation put you off this Anime. It isn't the strongest of this list, but it surprised me the most and also improved the most. 

Thank you for reading and I can't wait to put out more posts.

Monday 25 October 2021

Anime OST Spotlight #14: The Case Study of Vanitas

 Anime Title: The Case Study of Vanitas (Vanitas no Carte)
Opening/Ending/Other: Ending (English Ver)
Artist: LMYK
Song: 0 (zero)

Ahead in the empty distance
Fading away unanswered
I turn off the lights
To see all the colors in the shadow
Travels across an instant
Far beyond tomorrow
I’m watching a faint breath
Send a ripple through the water

When I lose myself I become you
Ichi kara juu leads me back to
Here inside your veil
Finer than a grand view
We’ll take a dive
Not even tides can come between us

Was it you who I’ve been searching for
Spent my life alone and waited for?
So tenderly and endlessly
You made me whole, you made me whole
And the walls I built they melt away
With every touch in your embrace
Every day, every night, every note I play
You made me whole, you made me whole

How could I have been so blinded
Running away in circles
I hear my doubts drop
When I see you in the mirror
Right beneath the surface
Washed away my sorrows
I feel your heartbeat
As it echoes through the hour

When I lose myself I become you
You are the moment I belong to
Here without our names
We’re back to being brand new
There’s no need to hide
Just you and I until forever

Was it you who I’ve been searching for
Spent my life alone and waited for?
So tenderly and endlessly
You made me whole, you made me whole
Was it you who I heard through the door
When I cried and had no place to go?
Every day, every night, every note I play
You made me whole, you made me whole

Tracing and tracing the sunset
Appearing a zero and finally
Now I remember
I have never lived a day without you
Untie the layer of memories
Louder we spin with the melody
You are the only, only one for me

Was it you who I’ve been searching for
Spent my life alone and waited for?
So tenderly and endlessly
You made me whole, you made me whole
And the walls I built they melt away
With every touch in your embrace
Every day, every night, every note I play
You made me whole, you made me whole

Was it you who I heard through the door
When I cried and had no place to go?
Meguri meguru toki no naka
I’ll never believe I’m alone
In the end we begin ‘til we meet again
You made me whole, you made me whole

I know I’m never alone

Monday 4 October 2021

Review of Pretty Boy Detective Club

 The Storyline sounded kind of dumb, I’m not going to lie. Although after the first few episodes I kind of ate my own words. I was more hooked into this show then other shows that I thought was going to be AMAZING. I liked the concept that every few eps were a new “Arc” “main plot” but still throughout there was a major plot going on. They managed to balance the genres of “Comedy” and “Mystery” in a balanced way so that it wasn’t boring or had funny moments in awkward places unless it was needed. The concept about the main characters certain unique trait is well done and honestly, I wished I had it. Although I am glad that although sometimes you may have something that you excel in, you may have some things you lack, or it may lead to something going wrong. The pacing for most of the time was good but I found some arcs could have been shortened, while others extended.

The Animation is what drew me in to begin with, not the description. With brightly coloured animation it was hard not to look away. I never saw any issues with the Animation at all and I think I would have noticed if it had been something drastic. The Sound for this Anime was good, and I found the VA’s did an excellent job portraying their characters. The opening is one of the catchiest songs I listed to that season. The different ending songs sang by the VA’s were all sweet and nice but nothing very memorable.

The Characters I think was the other thing that got me to pay attention to this Anime. With all the characters looking and acting all unique.  Although I liked all the characters in this Anime, I can’t really talk about everyone, but I can talk about a couple. Mayumi is the main female protagonist where most the attention is focused on. She has the most beautiful eyes and purple hair. I love her personality and the way she tries to do stuff on her own but can also accept help. Manabu is the main male protagonist and I also never clicked until it was revealed. He is a child, not even a teenager and he act like an adult. I am assuming the way to look at is, he has a body of a child, the age of a child but a mind of an adult. Oh, how I wish I could be a child still. He is funny and I do like his look on things and how he puts certain things in perspective.

Overall, my opinion on this Anime is “Never judge a book by its cover” …I swear I said this to a previous Anime review…When will I learn. I loved this show and although it wasn’t perfect it was still very much enjoyable. If you loved Ouran High School Host Club and Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! then you will enjoy this ride. 


Monday 20 September 2021

Battle Game in 5 Seconds - Episode 2 - What on earth is this... (Part 2) {SPOILERS}


So episode 2 is going to change POV for a the majority of the episode. It's time to be introduced to the female main character. Her name is "Yuuri" and quite frankly she has a rubbish home life, apart from the fact she has friends. She also wants to go back to being home due to the fact she wants to protect and help a girl who has although not mentioned out right been physically abused by her father. I could be wrong to interpret that way but from the look of "Yuuri's" face, I am right. She also suddenly got a stalker after she helped the guy by giving him a tissue and then suddenly that's the guy that causes her to die and end up in this situation. I call LIES on this whole random process. After seeing a couple of flashbacks we see her in the present finding out her ability and testing it. SUPER STRENGH...well in more detail it's "Quintuple her normal strength". 

Moving onto the second part of the episode. The 1v1 battle time. Call it cliché but really. She has to verse a perverted, disgusting killer, who even TAKES his pants off to basically you know.... ruin her in all ways you can think of. His ability is something to with smelling emotions or something along those lines...not quite sure and to be honest (I don't care). He was VILE and although I call it cliché; at least with her ability she MESSED him up and made him pay for everything bad he has done. DING DING DING. She won her 1v1. I emotionally care about her but at the same time, she's not as interesting as "Akria"...not yet. 

Onto the last part of this episode. "Akira" gets told to go to a different room to find 4 other people there, including "Yuuri" and the guy he defeated in the 1v1. So does that mean you don't get "Punished" until all rounds are completed or rather than it going by who wins, it goes by how well you do. I can't wait to find out more. Round 2 will start next episode and it's going to be a 5v5 battle. Although not a rubbish episode, it wasn't as good as last week and I hope this improves or else I may end up dropping this and I really wanted to go all the way. 

Episode 2 Rating:  3.5/5 Stars